Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Sunday walk

I loved being in Utah last week, but it is SO good to be home!! We are working on getting Millie back on a schedule (and back off the binky) and it's definitely taking some work. She has been a bit of a stinker the last few days, but she has every right to be after the long drive!

We enjoyed Garrett and Mitchell's homecoming talks on Sunday and then a nice dinner with family. Poppy, James, and Tyler walked Millie over to the park to feed the ducks. I tagged along to take pictures.

It's great to live near family!

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tyler + annie said...

what the! Camille! Small world! how do you know James Morris? I met him in England 7 years ago when my sister lived there and I had a HUGE crush on him. He looks the exact same! We lost touch because I started dating Tyler haha. But he might remember me...he'd know me as annie clawson some girl he met in england 7 years ago and became email buddies with. Ha anyways thought that was funny. small world! Text me or just hit reply in the email you get notifying you of this comment =) I wanna know how you know him!