Sunday, September 15, 2013

All in a {weekend's} work

With Tyler working long hours and Sundays being pretty busy too, we are really cherishing our weekends!

Friday evening Tyler mowed the lawn while Millie and I watched. Millie wanted to bring Daddy some water (honestly her idea- it was adorable) and was so sweet taking it to him each time he stopped for a break. I love those two.

We also had a family movie night and watched Tangled. Millie loved it, and Tyler and I have had the music stuck in our heads for days! You know you're a parent when you sing Disney songs non-stop.

Saturday, Tyler had things to do at the church and I needed to run to the store. Both things ended up taking most of the morning, as I forgot my wallet and one trip turned into two trips. Bah. But once we were all together again we went to Gigi and Poppy's for a nap, catching up on Suits, and a swim. Millie is going to be really sad when it's too cold to swim anymore! 

Her new favorite thing is to jump from the board into a float.
 Saturday night I was heating up the oven and remembered that sitting in there was my fruit leather. I may or may not have started it two days before! But it turned out great, despite my neglect. That was my first successful attempt at making fruit leather and I will definitely do it again. It's delicious! I used the recipe on Our Best Bites, found here. We tried strawberries and peaches, but now, being happy with results, I'm going to try lots of other combinations!

We had family over for dinner and visiting Sunday to celebrate Gigi's birthday! We love Gigi and are so glad to celebrate her. After eating we got to have video chats with both of our families. Technology is great when it can connect us like that! Weekends are the best.

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Courtney said...

i really want to try that fruit leather now! it looks delish!! thanks for sharing!