Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dude Ranch 2017, day 4

We were all a little tired by Saturday! We took it a little easier in the morning, visiting with everyone at the big house. 

We did eventually head over to the water park in the afternoon for a few hours. Had to get a good few rounds on the lazy river before we left! That evening dinner was at the "ghost town" they have there. Fun live music, yummy barbecue, and fun activities for the kids.

Millie got off the wagon ride and immediately ran over to the cactus - "Guys, look! I'm standing right by the cactus!" We don't have them in Houston so we were all fascinated. And scared.

Pretending to be in jail.

Checking out the other resident longhorn (named Winchester, I think).

They had a sheepdog demonstration that was cool to watch. The kids were super impressed by Dave the sheepdog!

The kids even got to try herding the sheep themselves.

And we all tried to stay in the shade as much as possible because, wow! It was hot. And it always makes me laugh to see boys playing in the rocks/dirt wherever we go. Sometimes I think, we could have done this at home!

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