Friday, July 14, 2017

Father's Day

Since we were traveling home on Father's Day we didn't really give our wonderful dad a proper celebration that day, so we celebrated a few days later. We made a dinner he loves and the kids chose some of his favorite candies to wrap and we made him a little something too. Millie, Max, and Harvey are seriously blessed kids to have Tyler as their dad. He gives so much for them and is always thinking about them and how we can be better parents and help them. I've been spying a little on him recently and snapped a few pictures of his rockstar dad status.

The kids get SO excited when Dad swims with them. He can toss them around and he teaches them all the fun pool games.

This picture was right before he left to go out of town once. He went around the house and evicted the (several) wasp nests that had popped up. They are my least favorite and we were all so thankful.

The day he came home from that trip we were outside playing and waiting for him. He steps out of the car and one of the kids mentions an ant pile. Before he even took his luggage inside he grabbed the ant killer and treated the pile right then and there.

Tyler is a very intentional father. He makes sure to have one-on-one time with the kids. He talks with them about their strengths and what they can do to improve in other areas.

We're all smiles when Dad's around!

My favorite part of the day is when Tyler comes home from work. This is for lots of reasons but one big reason is that I get to see the kids through his eyes (and remember that they're cute and that I love them haha). He truly adores each one of the kids and being their father brings him joy.

Below is the little gift we made for Tyler. Thought we'd take advantage of Max's love of cars and put it to good use!

We love Dad!

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