Thursday, July 13, 2017

Back to reality

It was good to get back in the swing of things at home. There was, of course, tons of laundry to do, which involved some creativity from Millie. I anticipate her being one of those people who insists on bringing all the groceries inside in one trip haha. 

The kids were so excited to play with all their toys again. They were so busy for a few days. Here they're having a "sleepover."

We went to IKEA and the kids picked out a reading buddy. Millie immediately picked a husky and Max thought he had too...

But of course needed to change his mind lots of times. That boy is so adorably (and sometimes frustratingly) indecisive.

He eventually decided on this cute dog but now says he wishes he had gotten the husky. Typical.

A fresh stack of library books meant lots of excitement about reading. Millie couldn't even let lunch stand in her way.

Harvey started pulling up on furniture. Just about gave me a heart attack to see his little head pop up when I was sitting on the couch!

Millie got to go to a fun little art camp put on by two kids in our ward. It was just for a few hours but she had a blast.

Just a cute moment. Millie loves Harvey so much and is such a cute little mommy to him.

Max also loves Harvey but is also aware that playing on the floor is no longer safe. He moved his magnatile creation up to the table and I thought it was so funny.

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