Thursday, July 20, 2017

10 on 10: July 2017

This was a fairly uneventful day. From these pictures it looks like we didn't do much, and that's pretty correct!

1. Harvey is on a mission to get to the DVD player. Our blanket basket now lives there to try and block him, and so far it works.

2. I told Max to go get dressed for the day and found him a few minutes later in the corner without any clothes on. I guess he did half of what he was supposed to do. ???

3. This girl is so motivated by rewards. She wanted to buy a snack (with tickets she gets for reading) so she plopped down and read 5 books real quick, like it was no big deal.

4. I'm a pretty good jungle gym I guess.

5. Millie steals my headbands all the time and apparently for her they're multi-purpose! Dr. Millie to the rescue!

6. Just a super cute boy smiling at his siblings.

7. Millie loves to watch Harvey take a bath and then smell him afterward. Can't blame her one bit.

8. We played around with Harvey's hair a bit and he totally looked like Jack-Jack from the Incredibles! 

9. I told him to give me thumbs-up and he stuck up his pointer fingers! By the time I'd gotten out my phone he had fixed it. Bummer.

10. Little tradition: Whenever we're outside when Tyler gets home, each kid gets to honk the car horn twice. I'm sure our neighbors love it.


Sharon said...

You've been blogging up a storm lately! It's so nice to have a way to read about your life since we live so far away. ;) Just kidding, but really, it seems like it's hard to find time to talk sometimes!

Heidi said...

I want to hear more about your reading ticket system!I need to get my boys reading more.