Monday, August 7, 2017

Little things

We attempted a bike ride/walk one morning and it was pretty disastrous, but ended with a cute picture. 

Harvey gets stuck in funny places sometimes.

Exhibit B

Coloring at the library is still a favorite!

That particular trip to the library we found a Thomas and Friends book that totally changed Max's heart about reading. He wasn't super enthusiastic about it before this but we probably read all 6 stories in that book a few dozen times over the two weeks we had it. Now he asks to read all the time, and not just from that book! Thanks, Thomas!

We also discovered a Harvey train in the book, which made us laugh every time.

We have a knack for arriving at the pool just a few minutes before adult swim. Millie was pretty sad about it this day.

Max fell off a chair and had a pretty good bruise, and then somehow got an ant bite on his face at the pool! So he looked pretty rough for a couple days. Poor guy.

Sometimes I look at all 3 kids and can't believe they're ours!

We got to have two of Millie's friends over one day and Millie and Max had so much fun playing with them.

I was too nervous to take 5 kids swimming so we went to a splash pad instead. 

One of Max's favorite books is the I Spy Christmas book. I groan a little inside every time he asks me to read it (they take so long!) but I try to not say no.

The kids were pretty excited about all the prizes they got from the library for reaching new levels in the summer reading program. Can you tell we're on a reading kick lately??

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