Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8 month Harvey

Harvey is almost 9 months old now that I'm actually posting this, but these pics are from around 8 months. He had 3 teeth at the time and I was just about at my wits' end with his bad nights. I even went back through the baby sleeping book for some extra help. Good thing he's so cute.

Millie and Max usually want in on the monthly pictures somehow. So cute.

Harvey tried the splash pad for the first time and wasn't a fan at first, but got used to it.

He's starting to get into stuff. I'd forgotten how tiring this age can be. I'm on constant watch for little things on the floor he might eat, or that he might break off of something and then eat, or dump out of cupboards, or climb up. Baby proofing was one thing on the first kid, but it's a totally different ball game with two older kids contributing to the mess!

These older siblings like to cart him around too. This picture cracks me up.

Love this view!

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