Saturday, July 15, 2017

Little things

Dressing yourself comes with risks! He insisted that's how he wanted it and wouldn't put his other arm in for several hours.

We had a few nights recently where Harvey couldn't fall asleep unless it was in our bed (read: I didn't have the energy/patience to get him to sleep in his bed). I really enjoyed the snuggles. This is a blurry picture but I mean, look at that face!

We had Monka and Tim and Lauren over for dinner one Sunday. I didn't think to take a picture until after Monka had left. It's so fun to have Tim and Lauren home for the summer!

Max carried this puzzle around for several days.

Harvey's mobility becomes a problem sometimes, like when I'm trying to work out and he's crawling through my legs while I'm doing burpees. I really should start getting up early to work out.

Millie and Max are in a bit of a swimming funk lately and we haven't been going nearly as much as in summers past. It's a bit of a bummer for me but it's also not worth it for me to force them to swim. Hoping they snap out of that soon.

We've had some good Houston storms, which are extra welcome since we still haven't fixed the sprinklers and water the lawn each evening.

Both my boys woke up early and were feeling snuggly. I'll take it, even at the early hour.

I just never know where I'm going to find Harvey when he wanders off! 

We opened the garage to an awful scene one day. I'd taken the garbage can out of the garage the night before because it was stinky and I guess it attracted this rat! I'm also guessing Tyler ran over it with his car leaving for work. I was not thrilled to have to get rid of that, but it's definitely better to have to deal with a dead one than a live one!

I participated in Stephanie's "Nourished Summer" challenge for her business Eat Happy Nutrition and one of the challenges was to get out in the sun in the morning. We're trying to do that more and are really enjoying it.

We went to Gigi's one day and Millie sat in this chair reading for a good half hour by herself. Love that little bookworm.

I gave Harvey some of my smoothie one morning and he totally looked like he was wearing lipstick!

Millie and I did a fun little project together. We'd actually purchased this map a looong time ago but had never done anything with it. It was fun to color with her for a few hours and talk. We're planning to put it on the table under some clear plastic so we can see it and learn our states!

Cute Harvey. Above, he fell asleep on a walk and a flower landed in his ear! Poor guy. Below, just super proud of himself for standing up. 

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