Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year's fun

We had a fun NYE with the Juergens crew. We started the day at Top Golf (huge thanks to Gigi for keeping the kids at home)! It was cold but they had heaters outside and it was really pleasant. Always a fun time there, even if I am a crazy terrible golfer.

Once we were all back together we went to Buffalo Wild Wings so the crazy people could do a hot wings challenge. The waitress brought each of the kids a tablet to play with while we waited and ate. My kids had no clue of what to do with them but they sure thought it was fun!

We spent the evening playing games - Spike Ball (for the boys), Minute to Win It games, and Nertz. Poppy took Max for a walk because he wouldn't stop asking to see the ducks, and I had to take a picture of them in their matching red coats.

Make-your-own pizzas for dinner!

Even Millie wanted in on the game action. She would roll the dice and move a few spaces and declare it was Gigi's turn. So funny to watch her act so confident when she had no idea how to play!

We rang in the new year and then woke up the kids to go home.

New Year's Day (my birthday!) we were with the Andersens. Once we were all up and going we went bowling!

Since we were nearby and I got to choose the place, we had lunch at Freebirds. It was kind of amazing.

Tyler and I got another IKEA trip sans kids after that, with Steph and Andrew this time. We played games all evening. It was a great start to 2016!!

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