Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in review

I do a post like this every year, and it's always one of my favorites to write. I love looking back and seeing how we have grown and changed over the year. I'm positive my lists are not by any means comprehensive, but that's okay.

January: Tyler began his 3rd busy season, I turned 26, Millie turned 3, we enjoyed beautiful weather on our new trampoline!

February: lots of work for Tyler, lots of bike rides for the kids and I, Frozen Bingo anytime we were all together. We became part of a new stake.

March: I was called as YW President, Tyler wrapped up busy season, we went to the rodeo, Max turned 1, and Tim came home from his mission!

April: Tyler got some time off work, YW stuff dominated my life as I figured out my new calling, we went to a school carnival with the Taylors, went to the Arts Festival with Grammy, Max had his first haircut.

May: Tyler turned 28, we went to the zoo, we had a double-date with Heidi and James at the race track, Max got over his fear of the vacuum, and Millie wore her ballerina leotard constantly. 

June: Millie got to do ballet camp with Aunt Heidi, AJ came home from his mission, Dude Ranch!!

July: lots of fun with AJ while he was home, lots of swimming, we tried to have some fun FHEs.

August: Linds and Steph came to visit with their kids, Tyler did some traveling for work, we celebrated our 6th anniversary, the kids and I went on a long road trip with my family and we all met up in Utah for Tim and Lauren's wedding! Millie had her first haircut in preparation for school and we said goodbye to summer.

September: Millie started her first year of preschool, Tyler did some more traveling, Sarah received her mission call to Reno, we found some toy lawn mowers and Max was obsessed, and we watched Garrett and Mitchell play BYU football!!

October: Lots of Halloween fun, I planned our ward Trunk or Treat, Max turned 18 months old and started going to nursery, we went to the zoo with friends, and celebrated Halloween!

November: Millie's drawings got better and funnier, we went to the Children's Festival with Grammy, the kids rode their bikes a ton, we spent Thanksgiving just the 4 of us.

December: Christmas parties and fun, Messiah concert, Tyler had a training in LA, we spent lots of time with family and had a wonderful Christmas!

In some ways 2015 rocked my world, but overall it was very smooth and happy. Can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!!

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