Sunday, December 6, 2015

Little things

I put some chicken wire in this frame I use for banners and Christmas cards. Can't wait to fill it up with family and friends!

Millie loves to cover the ottoman with books and make them fit perfectly. It's like her own game of Tetris or something. So funny.

Playing with light sabers at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Max's first selfie! 

Millie has seen me crocheting a lot lately for Christmas gifts. The other day she said, "Why don't you ever make me something?" Pack up Mom, you're going on a guilt trip!! It was raining the next morning so instead of running I whipped up a hat for her with colors she chose. She insisted on these flowers, which I'd made for other hats but had made mistakes on. Oh well, she likes it!!

Still loving bubble baths.

Everything ready to ship to the Westons! Don't show your kids, Linds!!

Poor Max finally caught the cold the rest of us had and was falling asleep everywhere for a few days.

Going running in 38-ish degree weather! Feeling crazy!

Max was having a cranky morning, crying behind these sunglasses. It was sad but hilarious!

I had the nicest helper doing the back yard for what is hopefully the last time this year!

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Lindsay said...

oh my GOSH!! I LOVE those hats and quilt. I can't wait for Christmas now just for your package. Thank you for blessing our family with your beautiful talents!!