Saturday, December 12, 2015

Beginning of Christmas fun

We don't do professional family pictures every year, but I wanted something a little better than iPhone pics for our Christmas card. Sharon to the rescue! She was so nice to take pictures of us. I love love love how they turned out. I took the solar screen off our bedroom window and the lighting was great! Getting the kids to cooperate was difficult, but oh well. That's life! At least we got them to smile when we weren't in pictures with them.

Sharon caught this gem below too! So funny!

That evening we celebrated Nana and Botz's anniversary at French Quarter! We love them and are thankful for their example. Also that night was my last Messiah performance. I really enjoyed being part of this. We rehearsed every Sunday night for 2 months. The last performance was much better than the first, so I was glad our family came to that one!

I loved going to rehearsals with Sharon each week. We got to sit together for the last performance.

This music is some of my favorite in the whole world. I don't know of many other pieces that are just pure praise for our Savior. It was a great way to begin the Christmas season.

Christmas time is the best!

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