Monday, December 14, 2015

FHE in the city

We picked Tyler up from work on Friday and stayed near his office for a fun family night. Millie loved his office building - she said to me, "Mom, this is the coolest place I've ever been!" And Max loved Daddy's co-workers after they gave him fruit snacks. 

The kids have been wanting to see the water wall since we drove by it during the summer, so we went over there before it got dark.

The kids were all smiles as long as we didn't get close to the water wall. They did not enjoy the loud noise or getting wet.

The building right by the waterwall is super tall and looking at it was weird because the clouds were moving and it made you feel like either you are falling or the building is falling. After looking for a minute, Millie yells, "What is happening?!?" It was so funny.

We had parked in the Galleria garage, so we walked around the mall for a bit. We watched ice skaters and marveled at the 3-story Christmas tree. We attempted to eat at Rainforest Cafe, but the kids were so freaked out by the animals, so we didn't stay longer than 2 minutes! So instead Tyler and I ate Mod Pizza instead. I was happy that we had offered to take the kids to (what we thought would be) a fun place for them, but even happier that we got to eat what we wanted. Haha funny how it works out sometimes.

Before heading home we drove around a really nice neighborhood near Tyler's office. They go all out with Christmas lights and decorations and it's always fun to see.

It was my favorite part of the evening. Millie and Max were just bursting with happiness and excitement! Christmas is so magical.

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