Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve day at Grammy's with the Wichmann crew. Grammy is such a great hostess - yummy food, fun games, great company! We had fun playing 4 on a couch and Loaded Questions. The kids were so good while we were there. Max wasn't feeling well and fell asleep on Tyler's shoulder for a while. Millie kept asking when it would be time to go back to Gigi's house - she couldn't wait to go to bed!!

We arrived at Gigi's, had yummy burgers for dinner, and opened new jammies from Gigi and Poppy. Had to attempt some self-timer family pictures.

We tried to watch a Christmas movie, but after a few minutes Millie just couldn't take it anymore and begged to go to sleep! So we put out some cookies and milk for Santa and the reindeer food she made a few weeks ago and she ran to bed. Literally. Can she do that every day?

We watched a movie (The Good Lie) and helped Santa unload his gifts once he came! I wanted to wake up the kids right then but held myself back.  

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