Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

We woke up pretty early Christmas morning. Millie got up around 5 and lay by me begging to go downstairs. By 6 she had woken up Max and was getting really frustrated and teary so we decided we couldn't hold her back anymore! We woke up Mitchell and AJ (sorry guys!) and sang at the top of the stairs (Juergens tradition, so fun). We went down and Max knew immediately what Santa brought for him. He went straight there and hardly moved away from his train table for a long time!

The boys got yoyo's in their stockings and I discovered yet another thing Tyler is amazing at doing.

Funny moment: Millie got a little wooden puzzle from Gigi and Poppy and was so determined to figure it out. She probably worked on it for 20 minutes straight, refusing to play with anything else til it was done! Love her determination.

We ate a yummy traditional breakfast of breakfast casserole and orange rolls and then opened the wrapped presents. Our kids were pretty spoiled this year! As were we!

We spent the rest of the day playing with our new toys, eating, watching movies, and doing a Christmas puzzle. 

Another funny moment: Mrs. Claus sewed a doctor coat for Millie. It was her first sewing project she has ever done completely by herself with no help from her mom, and it included sleeves and a collar. Mrs. Claus was pretty proud of herself once it was done! Millie, of course, was a giant stinker and wouldn't put the coat on. For hours. Once she finally did, I caught the gem below. I'm thinking next year we will ask Santa for 1 present each. I think she was a little over-stimulated or something.

Heidi and James and Nana and Botz joined us for a yummy dinner and games. It was so great to spend Christmas with so much family!

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Giselle Wright said...

Sounds like an amazing Christmas! That train table is AMAZING! Hudson would go crazy over that thing! Millie is so sweet! I love that she wouldn't stop with the puzzle until she had finished it! Such a smart girl. 😘