Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Family fun

The Sunday after Christmas we were so excited to see Garrett and McKenna! We went to church with the Juergens family and celebrated Garrett and Mitchell's birthdays. Awesome part about twin birthdays is that you get to have 2 birthday desserts!! Winning!

We also took family pics since we finally had everyone together. Love this family I've married into.


Giselle Wright said...

Camille you look amazing!!! I love your hair and your dress! Y'all are such a beautiful family!!! I literally might just frame one of these. 😊😁

Lindsay said...

What great pictures!! You look beautiful as always! I was laughing so hard at the last post with Millie's doctor coat. I think you did a fantastic job!! Sometimes the best gifts just take a little bit to warm up to ;). Like Bryn got a craft-loom thing for her birthday once and didn't touch it for months. When she finally got into it she didn't put it down and couldn't stop creating! I think you're totally right about the over-stimulation on Christmas morning haha. Anyway Merry late Christmas!