Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Our Thanksgiving was a little different this year. It's a long story of how it ended up this way, but we spent the day just the 4 of us. After a lazy morning we went for a bike ride around Bridgeland, stopping at a few different playgrounds as we explored. 

After lunch (for the kids) and naps, we got a little dressed up and headed out to find somewhere to eat. No way was I going to spend hours cooking a huge meal for just Tyler and I (because we all know the kids wouldn't touch it).

After driving around in amazement at all the places that were closed (it was like a ghost town!), we ended up at Denny's. I know. But we thought the kids would be more likely to eat there than at Cracker Barrel, our other option.

So somehow we ended up ordering breakfast for Thanksgiving dinner. In retrospect, if we were going to break tradition like that we should have waited to go out til Friday and then we could have had Mexican food or something else we actually wanted! But our breakfast was yummy and we had fun being together.

We finished the day off with some Black Friday shopping, which was a small disaster with a little success too. 

I am big on traditions, so usually a holiday like this would be disappointing to me. But honestly, I was just so happy to be with my 3 favorite people and reflect on our blessings and gratitude for them that I didn't even care about not getting any mashed potatoes. So I'm calling it a success!

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Lindsay said...

I see Tyler got in on the mustache movember? ;) I'm sorry to hear about your very non-traditional Thanksgiving, but I suppose there are much worse things in life. Way to reflect on the positive! I love your family picture on your checkered couch. Max's cheeser grin and Millie's just like "ugh is this over yet?" haha. Such adorable kiddos. Miss you!