Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Santa visit 2015

Last Wednesday we went to the Woodlands for our annual Santa visit at Grammy's mall! We had such a fun day with Grammy, Heidi, and Gigi.

First up was the Santa visit. I had a feeling Max would scream this year, and sure enough, the closer we got to Santa, the tighter his legs clenched around my waist. Poor guy!

Millie was so calm and sweet about it. I heard her tell Santa she wants a Doc McStuffins coat and Doctor kit, and a Merida bow and arrow. She rehearsed it several times leading up to it and it was so cute to hear her!

After saying goodbye to Santa we had to go and see the "ammals" Max had been talking about nonstop. That mall has the cutest little pet store and we stop there every time.

Then it was time for the carousel and lunch.

After lunch we stopped by the Disney store so Millie could show everyone the toys she had asked Santa for, and somehow both kids walked out with a new toy. Gigi made their day!

Then a stop at the playground.

We said goodbye to Gigi and Heidi and headed to the movies to see The Good Dinosaur! The kids loved it.

And thus ended our super jam-packed day of fun. We feel so grateful that our kids have spent time with all their living great-grandparents and that we live close to both sets of grandparents! Lucky kids for sure.

Also, let's just take a moment to remember our previous Santa visits.

This wasn't a tradition either of us had growing up, nor is it one we really planned on having, but now it's just part of Christmas for us!

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