Saturday, November 28, 2015

Decking the halls

We were totally not intending to put up our Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving. Millie and I were at Walmart last Saturday and found a tree star we liked! We haven't had one ever since I haven't been able to find one I like before, so we took this one and ran (and paid for it, of course). We decided it was a sign and put up the tree. Just the tree, until after Thanksgiving.

But that was just too much for the kids. Millie begged and begged and we gave in and put it all up the next day. The kids and I were home sick from church and it was fun to do that together. 

Max immediately attached to this cute little ceramic train set. He would scream and cry so much if I put it out of his reach. I thought he would get over it but he just stood there by the shelf, crying. I let him hold the trains. He carried them around like a security blanket for two days, dropping them periodically and breaking off little pieces until 2 days later, when they finally gave out. 

Aaaand they're both in the trash now. Thus ends the tale of the Christmas trains. Hopefully Santa will bring him his own unbreakable set. (Update: it was Santa's first Black Friday purchase.)

Millie has been begging to put lights outside our house. We never have because we are lazy and it costs money! But I saw this cool star shower lazor light in a Bed Bath and Beyond ad and thought it was so cool. The picture doesn't do it justice. Anyway, we went to the store to find one and the cashier told us they sold out so fast and you couldn't even find them online anymore. They were gone. So we were disappointed and turned to leave. The lady yelled to us not to move - the person behind us was returning that same light!! So we bought it right after. Little big tender mercy for the day. It sounds silly, but Millie was so excited about that light. We went home and set it up immediately.

 Now our whole house is ready for Christmas!!

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