Friday, January 8, 2016

Little things

We are slowly, painfully getting back in the swing of things. Tyler is back at work and working late already, I'm trying to get the house and my calling organized (my January goal) and the kids are having lots of fun with all their new toys.

Millie loves wearing her Merida dress now that she had the bow and arrow to go with it. She finally figured out how to shoot the arrows correctly and is getting better and better!

We took down Christmas and had less things to put away than we put out at the beginning of the season, thanks to the cutie below breaking a few items. I'm not even mad at him.

We inherited a play house from our neighbor cousins when they got a swing set. Millie was pretty sure she was supposed to sleep out there but we have since convinced her to come inside.

Everyone got some new books at the library, which just felt like the right thing to do at the start of a new year.

We have had some really lovely days and have played lots outside. The kids are loving their scooters from Gigi and Poppy and are getting pretty good at riding them!

Also lots of hide and seek happening here lately. Millie hides in the same few spots every time.

I had a fun birthday breakfast with friends. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of all of us, but a friend gave me  these flowers and they are so beautiful!

Millie sometimes pretends to fall and then just lies there soaking up the sun. 

I took this pic to send to Tyler to maybe entice him to turn around and come home. Not very nice of me. Max was being so snugly!

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