Saturday, January 23, 2016

Farewell to Sarah

Sarah has left on her mission! She is in the MTC preparing to serve in Reno, NV. We spent a lot of last weekend with my family before she left. My parents had an open house for her on Saturday night, we attended their ward to hear Sarah speak on Sunday (Sarah and I got to sing together too!), and we went to a dinner with her mission prep class Sunday night. The kids and I went to my parents house for FHE on Monday and to say our final goodbye. We're going to miss her!!

Side note: the Houston marathon was the day of her farewell and we had the craziest time getting around it to get to church!

The rest of these pics were on Monday. We explored the apartment complex and Millie played so so so many games of Candy Land with Ampa. They claim she won 25 and he won 4! But every game end wi a hug, so I'd say they both won. Pretty cute.


Kerri Andersen said...

What an awesome grandpa! That is just the sweetest thing ever.

Charity said...

Your dad is awesome!