Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sarah's graduation and the flood

We went downtown for Sarah's high school graduation on Monday night! It was fun to go downtown to such a nice performance hall. Since Sarah went to a performing arts school, there were lots of cool musical numbers. 

Partway through we started hearing everyone's phones going off, warning of flash flooding. Instead of staying for the whole ceremony, we left after Sarah got her diploma. We walked out to find pouring rain, more than I'd ever seen! We were navigating to my parents' house and the streets were starting to flood. We decided to change course and get to the highway, thinking it would be better than the old roads downtown. It was still raining SO hard and the water was rising - some dips in the road were really scary to drive through. We got to some train tracks (higher ground) and decided to wait for a bit. There were lots of cars around us and we saw a few try to drive through. We waited there for about 2 hours and finally the rain slowed a tad and the drains started to catch up so the water receded a little. We were almost to the highway (it was 11:30 at that point and both kids were already screaming) when we pulled into a gas station, to get gas and maybe wait for the rain to calm down a bit. We also made contact with my parents. They were sitting on the highway, not moving because there was too much water ahead and they couldn't drive through! I was so grateful Tyler had stopped. We decided just to wait there until we heard from my parents that things were moving again. Tyler went in the gas station and got a bag of snacks and treats and drinks and we tried to make the best of it. Luckily we had a few blankets in the back - I did a little re-arranging and made a little bed that Max played on and slept on, eventually.

Both kids went through episodes of screaming but on the whole they were such troopers. It was such a long and uncomfortable night! Max finally fell asleep around 1am, Millie enjoyed playing a lot longer and fell asleep around 3:30 or 4 I think. 

The rain stopped early in the morning (maybe around 5?) and we were listening to the radio to know when we it was safe to drive again. Finally at about 9:30 (12 hours after we had left downtown) we made it back to my parents house!

We are just really thankful that we were safe through the whole night, even if it was uncomfortable and annoying. We saw so many cars stranded in the roads as we were driving home, some you could even see water inside! And then to see all the pictures on the news - we definitely could have had it so much worse. 

Now Millie keeps bringing it up - "Mom, remember that one time it was raining so much and we slept in our car? That was so funny!!" Well, it's not funny to me yet, but I'm glad she gets a kick out of it!


Samantha Van Noy said...

That is CRAZY!

Katie said...

So awful but I'm glad you all were safe! What a crazy night.

Charity said...

Wow, so glad it turned out OK. I've been thinking of you guys with all this flooding. Thanks for posting