Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ballet Princess Camp

Millie got to go to a week of ballet princess camp at Aunt Heidi's work! She had been looking forward to it for SO long. 

It was kind of adorable to watch her. All the other moms left but I just wanted to stay and watch. This was the first time she had done any camp or class! It was so fun to see her interact with the other kids.

She came out with fun princess goodies every day.

We could only see through a window, so any good pictures were taken by Heidi or one of the other teachers!

The most patient spectator

Every day a different princess came, and Aunt Heidi came as Belle! Millie also saw Cinderella, Snow White, Elsa, and Anna.

On the last day they got to wear a princess dress! Millie finally landed on Cinderella, after MUCH deliberation. 

What a great week for this princess-loving girl!! Truly Millie's dream come true!

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Lindsay said...

She looks so so happy! I'm sure she just lived it! What a cute idea.