Saturday, June 13, 2015

Little things

I finally tried a pancake recipe I've seen several times on Pinterest - one banana and two eggs. That's it! It worked, and with a few chocolate chips on top, this picky eater was happy.

He still tackles me whenever I lie down. I love it.

Millie set up a little bed for her and her doggy and read books to him. This is who plays her prince when she's a princess and she's also married him several times, according to her.

It takes Max a little bit to warm up to people still, so it just made me so happy to see him walk up to Monka and ask her to read to him.

Aunt Sarah brought princess coloring pages! Score!

Finally finished the quilts for the graduating YW in our ward. They call this kind of quilt self-binding, which is a total lie. It was a lot of work. (Kidding! I know what that means)

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Lindsay said...

You're an amazing YW pres to make them all quilts!! I bet that was A TON of work! It looks so stinkin cute though. How many were there??
We CAN'T WAIT to come down to Houston and hang out at the splash pads with you guys! I'm seriously dying to hang out with you and love on your little kiddos...if Max lets me:). He and Briggs and wrestle it out on the floor haha.