Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beginning of June

Max is seriously so sweet with Harvey. I was worried how Max would react when Harvey was born but he has been super sweet from day one!

I spy two sleepy kids!

Tyler and I have been wanting to increase our temple attendance, but it's hard to leave the kids that much. So we've started switching off going on early Saturday mornings by ourselves while the other stays with the kids. I love it! I feel more patient and loving when I am there more often. Definitely a good change for us.

We enjoyed a fun swim with Monka and Umpa one Saturday. Well, the big kids did. Harvey snoozed in my arms and I loved it.

Just being super cute and chatty.

Anytime I change Harvey's outfit, Millie and Max run over to give him a zerbit (sp?). They love him.

Since Max was doing so well with potty training, we decided he could start gymnastics. He got to have his free trial class to see what level he'd be in and he was so excited!!

It was adorable to watch. Unfortunately, he has had some setbacks and we never did officially sign him up. Hopefully someday soon.

Love that big Texas sky!

Uncle AJ came to visit! He was actually here for work but managed to squeeze in some time to see us. These kids love their Uncle AJ.

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