Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Little things

The kids got to enjoy some time with Gigi and Poppy while Tyler and I went to the temple (on 6/10). We got this cute picture later.

These kids sure love their dad!

We recently learned of a cool product called the sleep styler! Much like the sponge curlers of my youth, but better. Kurt and Gretchen were so nice to get me (and all the Juergens girls) a set after seeing them on Shark Tank. 

Above is the before, below the after! They totally worked! I need to get better at rolling and distributing the hair, but I'm super excited about them.

Sorry for another selfie. A little too much of me in this post. But on a Sunday night I went out to move the sprinkler on the lawn and then came back in. I was sitting at the computer for about 10 minutes before feeling a tickle on my arm. I reached up to itch it and was stung 3 times by an evil wasp! He had been HIDING IN MY SLEEVE that whole time!!!! I felt so violated. I'm sure Tyler thought I was a crazy person as I screamed and jumped up and threw my shirt off, just positive that there were more hiding in there somewhere. I told Tyler he had to finish watering the yard and that I was never going outside again. The pic below was a few days later and that is not my natural muscle - it was still very swollen! I hate bug bites!

Driving home from the library is the best. They're so quiet and nice looking at their new books.

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