Friday, June 9, 2017

More of May

Harvey has spent lots of time on the floor learning to crawl lately! I love this stage!

We had Umpa over for dinner one night while Tyler was out of town, as well as Monka. He stayed for family night and I loved hearing him teach my kids the same way he taught me growing up.

Max dresses himself but I often do a cheek check for him to make sure everything is on all the way!

Millie gets so excited when a new Friend magazine comes in the mail! She also has started to keep the old ones in her room. She loves them.

I did some more sewing while Tyler was out of town and laughed when I inserted the sleeve inside out! Whoops.

We went to a park we don't get to often and the kids were so excited about the merry go round. Also, Max loves to match Millie. Sunglasses and rain boots were the cool thing that day.

We met Monka at the outlet mall one day. Max cracked me up when he grabbed the mannequin's hand and said, "This is my mom now." Because I laughed he now does it in every store we enter! Such a tease. I love him.

Our Friday walks/rides around the lake are less frequent these days since school is out. We still go sometimes though. Max wanted to run with me and it was so cute. Didn't last long, but it was still cute.

Breakfast food is still a favorite in our house, and we've kept the tradition of eating at the counter when I make waffles.