Friday, October 7, 2016

General Conference weekend, Oct. 2016 edition

We woke up to some beautiful weather on Saturday, which always gives me so much energy. The kids and I let Dad sleep in and we went outside to pull some weeds and ride bikes and scooters. They were good helpers.

Keeping little hands busy so we could listen during the morning session.

We ran a couple errands between sessions, which included getting new tennis shoes for the kids and a Sonic drink run. 

Tyler had a couple visitors while he watched the Priesthood session. 

Below is a terribly unflattering shot of me, but documentation of the kolache-making process. It is a long one and I don't do it often! But my boys love them so much, and I really wanted to make cinnamon rolls with the leftover dough.

This is what was left of the cinnamon rolls after Sunday was over. 

Reading a book before heading to Gigi and Poppy's house on Sunday morning.

Gigi had new coloring books for the kids and Poppy brought the kid picnic table inside. They were set! Millie colored for all 4 hours of Conference that day!

A walk to the park between sessions. Max was scared of the ducks before we even left their house and insisted on clinging to Poppy instead of riding his scooter.

Cooling off with some ice cream and brownies. Millie was totally cracking us up with her headband! I had done her hair nicely and even run a straightener through it, but she found this headband in the car and wore it all day. Love that quirky girl.

We loved hearing so many inspiring messages and spending time with family over the weekend! These are some of my favorite days of the year!

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