Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Little things

The kids have been super early risers lately. I still don't really sleep well at night (don't anticipate a full night's sleep for some months!) so they are really sweet to go play when they are up and let me wake up slowly. Millie turns on the lights and they get whatever toy they want to play with and it's usually their nicest (least amount of fighting) play time together of the day.

Max loves to bring flash cards to Millie's swim lessons or gymnastics class. 

The super-safest way to ride in a shopping cart! Also notice the Halloween decoration Max carried around for a solid week or two. Poor pumpkin man is missing a foot and is probably way more scared of Max than of any Halloween creature.

I ended up taking the kids with me to a doctor's appointment recently (my last two appointments, actually!) and they were so good. I was really nervous taking them the first time in particular because I had an ultrasound, a regular appointment, a blood draw, and a chat with the insurance specialist. I'm not ever the one to hand over the iPad to my children to keep them quiet, but I was sure grateful to have it with us that day. The kids were mostly angels! 

We got happy meals on the way home from the doctor since they were so good. The meals had superhero toys in them, which occupied the kids for the rest of the day. Max in particular was killing me with cuteness.

Captain America shirt, Superman in hand, Green Arrow glasses, and a Batman cape. I think we just about covered them all! This just might be my new favorite picture of Max.

We fell off the wagon with FHE a bit and have increased our efforts there lately. The kids are at such fun ages where they love games and object lessons. Tyler is a great teacher and they listen to him so well!

Jumping on the bed is even more fun when Mom's trying to change the sheets!

A little inordinate excitement about my new exercise ball. We came home from a walk (hence my sweaty self above - when will we get cool fall weather?!?) and found it in the mail and couldn't wait to blow it up. It has seriously been so nice for me to sit on and roll my ever-aching hips. Helps with my back to. The kids love it too and wanted their pictures taken with it haha.

Millie's favorite part of school is doing her little math workbook. We do everything else first so I can have math waiting as the reward at the end. Definitely her dad's girl in that way!

Millie and Max love playing in the baby's room. I'd like to think it's because they're so excited for a new brother, but it's really just because that's where I keep the toys we don't have out all the time. Puzzles in particular are a big draw.

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Kimberly said...

I'm so impressed with all your working out Cam! That ball is a great idea for pregnancy aches. I think know I'll copy you! Your kids are do dang cute. Wish we could come over and play!!