Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Life is SO good! I am completely overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. Our wedding day was perfect! The weather was beautiful-- not too hot, but still sunny. In fact, I wore Tyler's jacket towards the end of the reception because it got a bit chilly. But the ceremony was incredible. Some of my sweet aunts even wrote down some of the things that stood out to them, and Tyler and I asked our parents to do the same so that we could have a few different perspectives. We loved coming out of the temple and seeing so many of the people we love there. Pictures went well, and we even managed to be on time to the luncheon! The food was good, and I loved the music from my aunts and parents, and the sweet words from both of our families. I don't really cry ever, but I felt so blessed and happy that I cried there! Talk about feelin' the love. :)

The reception was really fun too. Unfortunately, I was STARVING the whole time. Not just starving though, it was past that. I seriously just leaned over in pain sometimes. I wanted the reception to end far before it did. But the park looked beautiful-- Bonnie did a great job decorating it. So many people came that I hadn't seen in a while, and it was so great to see everyone. I'm still not really sure how everything went outside of the line (i.e. if there was enough food haha) but I guess everything went alright... no riots broke out.

Thanks to the Johnson's, we went to a beautiful hotel after the reception. Actually, let me back up. First, we went home and finished packing for the honeymoon. Talk about leaving things for the last minute! We ended up waiting at the apartment for a while because Tyler's sweet parents brought the gifts home for us. Anyway, we finally got to the hotel and by that time I was beyond hunger-- I could feel the hunger eating at the lining of my stomach. So we got some room service, and I got pizza. What a way to end the best day of my life, eh? :)

Don't worry, I didn't lie... as soon as I get my hands on Ty's camera, honeymoon pics are coming. As for wedding pics, I'm not sure! Hopefully soon!

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