Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some things I want to remember about our first 3 weeks of marriage

-Day One: wedding day. Has there ever been a better day? I think not.

-The honeymoon! Still need to post pictures. It was so great to get away and relax. My favorite part was spending 24 hrs/day with my best friend!

-Coming home and setting up our apartment. That has been super-fun. It's like playing house, but for real!! We love our little place.

-Going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond almost EVERY DAY to return or purchase something. Thank goodness for gift cards.

-Trying to find some kind of shelving for our pantry (which is, by the way, in the living room haha). That resulted in going back and forth to Target 4 times, and Lowe's once. Lowe's won.

-Embarking on quite possibly the most frustrating job hunt of my entire life. Good thing Tyler's middle name is patience/sweetness... poor guy's had to put up with a lot.

-Getting a new Social Security card with the last name of Juergens replacing Andersen! I am truly Mrs. Juergens now. :)

-Decorating our cute apartment. Now it really feels like home. I love this place.

-Cooking for my hubby. Who knew cooking and cleaning could be so fulfilling? I love cooking for people, but cooking for Tyler is my favorite! The man who performed the sealing ceremony told Tyler to say "I love you" every time he was hungry. Because of this instruction, we've been eating a lot lately.

-Watching Tyler react to my quirks that can only be seen by living with me. For instance-- my OCD about organizing my clothes in the closet (by color moving from light to dark).

-Taking a trip to Ikea together yesterday. Is that not the greatest store ever?!

-Doing Pilates together. It was HILARIOUS. I do Pilates every morning, and Tyler decided to try it out with me. He's pretty flexible! I was impressed.

-Planning a hike to the Y, but ending up walking to Bridal Veil Falls. Yeah, laziness won. Why have I instinctively been putting an "e" at the end of every won in this post?

-Spending tons of time with my husband! The first week I don't think we were ever apart. This past week he's been working at BYU Grounds from 8-12 each morning. Boooooo! But I'm so grateful for this time we've had together before he starts the Accounting program at BYU. I doubt I'll ever see him again. :)

My overall feelings on marriage: I highly recommend it. But only if you can find an amazing spouse like I did!

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