Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boar dumb

I am so bored that I thought of all of the incorrect ways I could spell boredom, then used my favorite as the title of this post. I'm sitting at work with absolutely NOTHING to do. All of the executives (well, minus one) are gone in Cancun, along with all of the sales reps, area managers, and regional managers. So I am alone here on the main floor of the building. The only other people who are here work in Customer Service, so it is really quiet. I could count on two hands the amount of phone calls I've been getting in a day. I've been fairly productive in my huge influx of spare time though, so it's been nice. I read 2/3 of "7 Miracles..." earlier this week, watched 2 movies on my iTouch, designed my blog book that I'm printing in a few days, read the January Ensign, made a word search (probably the coolest thing I've done all week... it's awesome), and I even did some work for my other job-- all while I was sitting here at my desk, "working." If only I could do my laundry and take a nap while sitting here too! :)

Thankfully, everyone will return from Cancun on Saturday, and life will be busy as usual on Monday. But what will I do until then? I'm going to go crazy!

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