Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Alive

Don't worry, I'm here. :) I haven't posted in a long time though... someday I'll catch you up on everything that's been goin' on. Let's just say that Christmas was an adventure (picture this: Christmas Eve was spent stuck in the car just outside of Wichita Falls, TX for 17 hours), my birthday was fantastic, and getting back to real life has been... well, you know how that goes. But seriously, I've set some good goals for this year and have been pretty good about sticking with them so far. I know, 4 days, big whoop. But the cool thing is that I'm still excited about my goals, so maybe I'll actually do it this year. Here are some of my favorite goals that I'm most excited about:

-Read 12 books. (I've read one already! And I'm getting a library card this week, so that'll be fun.)

-Don't miss Visiting Teaching once.

-Learn to make really good bread!

I decided not to make goals about eating and exercising on my yearly goals, but I made a year goal to make monthly goals... funny I know. I made a goal to make goals. But I think I can focus on it more if it's in smaller increments, and then I can adjust it to fit my schedule and my progress. So here are my January goals:

-Make bread at least once.

-Read one or more books. (Done already!)

-Exercise 3-4 times/week.

-Get a library card.

-Complete and report visiting teaching by Jan. 20th.

-No sugar all month... thanks Aubrey for being my moral support in this!

-Don't go to bed without dishes being done all month.

So my monthly goals are a little more specific, but the goal (haha I kill myself) is to have all of my monthly goals working toward my year goals. Anyway... enough of that.

I promise I'll post pictures of our recent adventures soon!

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Ben and Charlotte said...

We have some similar goals! The bread, the books. I definitely want to hear the stuck in car story. Yuck. Oh and I need your e-mail. Mine is charly_0717@yahoo.com