Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference weekend, April 2014 edition

This weekend started out poorly, with Millie coming down with a bug on Thursday. She had diarrhea for a day and a fever for 2 days, followed by a cough and congestion, which she's still fighting. Tyler took over Millie duty on Friday and Max and I stayed in our bedroom away from the germs. Sharon came over and took some newborn pics of Max in the afternoon! She's the sweetest.

Our poor sick girl!

I feel bad for Tyler- this is surely not the way he wanted to spend his paternity leave! Especially since he came down with whatever Millie had on Monday. He was so great to take care of Millie and handle everything else too. We loved listening to the messages, when we could. At one point we reminisced (over the sound of 2 crying children) on the days when we could listen to the prophet uninterrupted. Thank goodness for the Ensign! We still managed to sneak in some traditional cinnamon rolls, even if they were from a can.

Max had his first real bath Saturday morning!
Sorry 'bout the pink tub, dude.

Sunday morning cinnamon rolls

Oh, Millie. Someday we'll get you to smile instead of just saying cheese over and over. And someday I'll take non-blurry pictures... maybe.
I didn't get a picture, but Nathan and Charlee came over between sessions on Sunday to meet Max and we had fun visiting with them. Millie kept asking where Delilah was- she was sad Delilah didn't come! Next time.

Even if it was a sick, lazy weekend, we loved and were inspired by the messages we heard! 


Marissa said...

two thinks i loved about this comments. ok three. (1) everything. (2) the pink tub comment. that will be me with my next boy. (3) my gilmore girls radar went off and i see you have the series. we can now be even BETTER friends! and have a quote off.

Kerri Andersen said...

ok max is almost too big for that tub! i cannot believe how big he is! haha. oh he is so precious though; sorry you had to be quarantined with him though! I want to meet him so bad!

Kerri Andersen said...
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Lindsay said...

I'm so sorry millie got so sick! Thank goodness Tyler had the option of taking those days off. But oh I am dying over that sweet baby boy. I love love love newborn snuggles and shirt grabbers and first baths...i'm getting so excited :)

Kel said...

Camille! I cannot wait to meet sweet Mr. Max. He is darling. I have been missing you lots... Wish we could get together more often. I love you! Hope you are feeling well!