Monday, April 28, 2014


-"We don't like snakes or bats. They scaaaaaary. We like dubberfwies!" (Butterflies) She says this anytime we read this one book that has bats and snakes in it.

-Speaking of her bed routine: "Daddy read books, and Mommy sing a beautihooooole song!" 

-She has been on a nap strike for a while, pretty much since Max was born. Instead of sleeping, she takes out every toy and article of clothing she can reach in her room. Every day when I go to get her she says, "I no sweep! I just make a mess!" And then around 5 or 5:30 she is so exhausted she crashes on the couch or floor. Any tips for me??? I feel like she is too young to not nap but unfortunately I can't force her to fall asleep when I want her to!

-Not sure if I've written this one down before, but blankets are banquets. She loves to have a banquet around her shoulders and sing "wet it go."

-Millie is turning into quite a little negotiator. She places numbers on anything she asks for- "Can I have just one, two, thwee chocowates?"

-Anytime I ask her to try/eat something new she says, "I no wike it. It's too cwunchy for me." She learned the crunchy part from an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and she says it even when what I'm giving her isn't crunchy. So funny.

-We are embarking on the potty training adventure! Millie picked out a frog potty and some treats. She has done pretty well so far. She was really excited about it until it came time to actually take off the diaper and then it took a little coaxing. She wants to sit on the potty all the time because she hates having accidents. I think that will work to our advantage and help her learn her body's signals quickly. I really hope that's the case because the laundry is truly endless between her and Max!

-Millie is SO excitable. I can't help but be happy around her because she is always so happy herself! She's so enthusiastic about everything she does. This also comes with a flip side, and tears are never more than two seconds away when she feels wronged. But luckily she is very easily calmed/distracted.

-She calls the diving board a "buying board" and talks about it all the time. This girl really cannot wait much longer for the water to be warm enough to swim in!

-Millie is a sweet big sister. She's awesome at giving Max his binky, and anytime he cries she says, "It's okay Baby Max!" And then she runs to me and says, "He needs his mommy." She loves to give him kisses too. 

She ate the glazed outer part of the donut and left the inside

One of her awesome tornado messes

solid otter pop-eating technique
She brings a stool to the changing table to watch. "I wanna see his poop!"

Helping me accessorize at church


bethany said...

Both my kids went through a drop nap phase and so I just sat outside their door with the door open with my scriptures and read to myself while they fell asleep. It only took a couple of weeks and then they got back into the habit of sleeping and I didn't have to sit there anymore. It was the best scripture reading time I've had since my kids were born!! :)

Katie said...

She is so funny! I loved this post. And Eva has had phases like that. She still fights me on naps at least once a week, but I know once summer comes a long and we are out in the sun playing every day, she will desperately need a nap. So, I think if you just keep trying to make it a routine every day, she'll hopefully get over it and nap for you. I know some people transition over to quiet time and maybe she's ready for that? Eva is high strung and so if she doesn't nap, she is very crabby at night and I have to keep her up pretty late so T.J. can see her a bit. Anyway, it's a constant struggle… good luck!

Britt Hanson said...

She is sooo cute. I love this post.