Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Potty talk

We are down to one kid in diapers! Millie put on her princess panties last Monday and we haven't looked back. She is amazing and handled it all really well! I'm glad we did it when we were already at home a lot since Max is so young still. She was ready to officially be a big girl!

She had been talking about having a princess potty for weeks, but when we went to the store to get it, she chose a froggy potty instead. We didn't mind- it was $12 less! Millie also got to pick out some treats for rewards each time she used the potty and a princess water bottle for when she went a whole day without any accidents.

The first day I pushed lots of fluids so she would need to go to the bathroom often. She didn't like having accidents so we spent a lot of the day on the toilet! Millie was wearing minimal clothing for a lot of the week. Also notice that Tyler "potty-proofed" the house- rolled up the rug, put towels and blankets over the couch, etc. It was funny but I was so glad!

Gummy ring pops were a hit
She has only had three accidents since that first day! We told her when she pooped on the potty she could have a donut date with Daddy. When he was on his way home from work on Friday, Millie just plopped herself down (no pun intended) and did it all by herself! I was feeding Max at the time so I didn't know right away. She said, "I go poo-poo!" It wasn't the first time she had said that, so I didn't believe her until she looked in the toilet and said, "It wooks wike chocowate. I no eat it!" I took a picture because I was so proud. But I won't include that, you're welcome.

"I want a pink one and a bwack one!"
I was anticipating a long and frustrating process, but I should know by now that Millie is great at handling transitions. She took my biggest parenting fear (at least for young kids) and turned it into no big deal! I just love that girl. She did great at church- Tyler and I traded off and took her to the bathroom every 20ish minutes so the nursery leaders wouldn't have to worry about it. Today we had our first multi-errand adventure without diapers and she did great. Actually, it was my first time running errands with both kids by myself! Hooray!! We are finding our new routines with a new baby and a few less diapers. Love it!


Lindsay said...

That's awesome!!! Way to go Millie! She is growing up so fast!

The Freeman Family said...

Yay!! Congratulations Millie!! Hopefully Mason will follow your amazing example soon! :)x

The Lucia's said...

Good job! I have some diapers for your new baby though. 😊