Sunday, May 11, 2014

Little things this week

Just pondering life 
Pretty wary of this turtle
Millie and Delilah are getting the pool ready for swim season!
Pictures don't show how cold the water was... crazy girls
Dancing with Daddy on a Sunday evening

Poor Mason was forced to act out "Let It Go" with Millie

Enjoying otter pops on the porch

When you go potty on your own, crazy stuff happens
Walked in the bathroom to find this... almost died laughing
Blue otter pop tongue
I took this boy to my 6-week checkup and no one could believe how big he is
Holding his bottle all by himself! Too bad it was an accident.
Hopefully Uncle Mitchell doesn't mind her playing... she's obsessed with his guitar!
My little helper.  Say the words "banana chocolate chip muffins" and suddenly she'll do anything you want!

A gift from Tyler's work team
Millie's job is to bring us the scriptures each night. She always says "I be strong!"

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