Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More Millie funnies

I've recently started working out again. I pulled out the post-natal boot camp disc on this Pregnancy Fitness set one day and Millie laughed as I did some of it. Ever since then she pulls it out and asks to watch the "Mommy movie."

First French braids! I've been waiting a long time for her hair to be long enough. 

"See my shadow, Mommy? It's dancing crazy!" She has been obsessed with shadows lately- loving the during the day and fearing them at night.

We went to the church on Saturday night so Tyler could get some clerk stuff done and Millie started "typing" on this calculator, saying "I'm working just like Daddy!"

She recently likes to play/watch me play "the black monkey chasing the boy" game (Temple Run) or "the birdie game" (Angry Birds). She's pretty terrible at them because it's really rare that she even sees the iPad, but she likes it.

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