Monday, May 12, 2014

Tyler: 27

Tyler's birthday fell on Mother's Day this year! Poor guy. Not that he's the kind of guy who likes a whole day to be about him-- it just meant that we were both trying to make the day special for the other person. "I will make you breakfast." "No, I will make you breakfast!" You get it. 

We did some celebrating on Saturday. It was definitely our first date since Max was born, and who knows how long before that! My parents watched the kids while we went to the temple and Olive Garden. It was so nice to get away and be together! I'd missed my man.

We came home to find Millie giving Cinderella a shower. Monka always teaches her fun things!

On Sunday I woke up later than I'd planned and was rushing to get Tyler's birthday cake made and to get myself and the kids ready for church. When Millie got up we brought Tyler his present- a blue sport coat with gold buttons! He looks really handsome in it but it's a tad big, hopefully we will exchange it tonight.

Monka helped Millie make a sign for Daddy on Saturday

Tyler couldn't decide between a yellow cake and a chocolate cake, so I tried my hand at a layer cake and did one of each! It didn't turn out pretty so I didn't take a picture but it was yummy anyway. It's hard to mess up a cake mix. Tyler chose pink frosting because Millie would like it and it'd be a little more Mother's Day friendly. 

Taste-testing the frosting... at 8 am. Lovely!
We got to talk with Tim before church too! He is doing so well and seems so happy. It's so great to be able to see him and all my other siblings at once.

Trying to show Uncle Tim her necklace
After church we went to Gigi and Poppy's for lunch. Nana, Botz, Grammy, Mom, Dad, Sarah, and of course Heidi and James were there too! It was a party. We got to talk with AJ too and it was so great. He is so happy and excited to be where he is! Both our missionary brothers got to see Max. There's just such a special Spirit around when we get to talk to these boys! We miss them tons but are so proud of them.

Then we switched to birthday mode. Tyler opened gifts and we had cake and ice cream. Max had an awesome blowout- it's just not Mother's Day without one! We went home and spent the evening relaxing.

The "who can get Max to smile?" game. I love this picture.

Tyler is the best husband and dad and we love him so! Happy happy birthday!!


Ben, Charlotte, Troy, and Liam said...

That picture is SO cute of your parents with Max. I love reading about your family! I'm so glad Tim is doing well! Happy birthday to Tyler! And a well deserved Mother's Day!!

Tiffany said...

I love all the pictures!!! You guys are such a cute family!