Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things that have nothing to do with kids

Millie and Max kind of dominate this blog, and rightfully so! They're the cutest. Here are some things going on outside of them:

 Before and after a little organizing in our bathroom closet

Read this in 2 days and can't wait to see the movie!

Our poor hibiscus bushes froze this winter! So they had to come out.

I felt so funny grabbing the twine from my craft stash to tie up these branches.

Cleaning out the craft closet. Think we have enough tissue paper?

Our youth activity last week was a Texas snowball fight! They had tons of fun and I want to remember it for the future. We cut up old nylons and filled them up with flour, tying both ends to make a little ball. The flour stayed in longer than we expected and they had fun for a long time! Messy fun.

My first run since Max's birth! Between being reeeeeaalllly out of shape and pushing the double stroller it was very slow, but it felt great!

I had a cyst in my finger drained yesterday. It was the size of 2 peas! I'm hoping it doesn't come back. It's nice to have met our insurance deductible- we're trying to fit in little things like this before our plan starts over in July!

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Katie said...

Did you like the movie? I loved it (I was very surprised) so I think I should read the books now!