Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our "cheerleader princess." Millie insisted on wearing this crown for a few days straight, no matter where we were. 

Our little football player - go Cougars! 

Max is officially really hard to take pictures of. He would crawl away cackling as if he knew how frustrated I was!

We had a jam-packed day of fun. Pumpkin hunt at the park in the morning (posted before), Millie's playgroup for a little bit while I snuggled with Max, visiting Monka after lunch, visiting Daddy at work and trick-or-treating around his office, a visit from Gigi and Poppy, and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood! 

2 sleeping pics in one day. I know. But he's just so sweet! And his almost-splits are pretty funny. That kid is surprisingly flexible.

Millie decided she wanted to be Belle for trick-or-treating! Gotta love a 2-year old with options.

Our neighborhood has a cool system for handing out candy - we all go to the edge of our driveways so that the kids don't have to walk up to the doors! It saves time, it's safer, and it gets everyone out and seeing each other. 

Millie and Daddy had a fun time trick-or-treating together. I stayed and passed out candy while Max slept. Millie came home with a full bucket and I went inside with an {almost} empty one, so I'd say it was all around a successful night!

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