Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pumpkin hunt

Our neighbor and friend (and cousin! So funny - story below the pics) puts on a fun pumpkin hunt each year. This was our second time going, and it was so fun! Sharon took some awesome pictures, and I'll let them do the talking. There's some phone pictures in there too, because that's just what I do. It was a beautiful morning, and a great way to start off Halloween.

Playing before hunting. Look! Jackets!

Decorating bags to hold the pumpkins and goodies

Maybe one of my favorite pictures of Millie ever! So cute and funny!

So on our run the other morning, Sharon mentioned her great aunts. She said some names that I knew were more than familiar, so I asked their last names. It turns out, they're my great aunts too! Our grandparents are siblings! We are second cousins!! If you meet someone and 2 years later find out you're related, you might be an Andersen. If this situation doesn't even seem strange to you, you're definitely an Andersen! What a funny world.


Lindsay said...

Hahaha! That is too funny! What sibling is her grandparent? How neat to make that connection--no wonder you were already friends­čśä

Kimberly said...

That is so awesome. I love being an Andersen!!! Millie is gorgeous.