Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas spirit

This morning I went with Annie and Kathy to Music and the Spoken Word/Mini Christmas Concert. It was amazing! Well, the concert was amazing. Waking up super-early and getting up to Salt Lake through all the snow/slush/rain was quite an adventure. We parked close to an I-15 exit and took Trax into Temple Square. Thanks to Annie's mom being in MoTab, we had great seats! They did most of the songs that they'd performed for their Christmas concert the last three nights. There were tons of dancers, bell-ringers, and little kid choirs in addition to the orchestra and choir! Probably over 1,000 people on stage. Anyway, it was so great. Richard Elliott (I think that's his name) did the most amazing organ solo that seriously made me want to take organ lessons for a minute. (Emphasis on the "for a minute" part.) He was doing so much footwork, crossing his feet to play and everything. Incredible. Natalie Cole was one of the special guests, along with David McCollough (author of 1776 and a few other books I bet) and that was really neat. After the concert, they did a special thank you presentation for them, and they both raved about the Church and how great it was working with them. They both seem like classy individuals. President Monson was there, which was cool. He told Natalie Cole and David McCollough that now they are a part of our "family," and that it's "a pretty good-sized family." What a sweet man.

Seriously, I thought I was in the Christmas spirit before, but now I am way more! I've had songs from Handel's Messiah stuck in my head all day, and I can't stop thinking about how beautifully the Conference Center was decorated. I'm so grateful to be a member of a church that values music and recognizes its power! Like Buddy the Elf says, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." Thanks for a wonderful day, Annie!!

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{the real me} said...

Oh man! I love you girl! That was a way fun morning...wanna do it again?! Alright, talked me into it :)