Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A quick Lufkin visit

Millie and I went to Lufkin over the weekend to see my family. Grandpa, Grandma Joyce, Aunt Sharon, and Aunt Rachel all came down from Utah, so we had to crash the party! What a party it was. We had so much fun having them down in our neck of the woods. Tyler had lots of work to do, so we went without him. We're so thankful for such a hard-working Daddy.

We arrived late Saturday morning. Mom and Sarah performed in "Women at the Well" with some ladies in their ward that afternoon at Dad's facility. I loved hearing them sing, and it's always entertaining to visit Southland (the facility).

We spent the afternoon/evening playing. Mom and Sarah had another performance that night but I didn't dare take Millie again, since she had missed her nap. Once they got home, we busted out the Blue Bell and Bananagrams. I won 3/5 times, which is a new record for me! Dad, the usual winner, checked my crosswords very closely. 

Millie collected lots of "shicks" over this trip
I even collected a few for a little project
She kept saying, "I frow it" as she tossed them into the pit

Sunday involved church, naps, yummy dinner of ribs and potatoes, another performance for Mom and Sarah, apple pie and ice cream, and Mexican Train.

Sharing a room with your child usually means sharing a bed too, which means Mommy doesn't sleep

Millie was pretty darn hilarious that night
Monday we packed up and prepared to leave. Before we left though we had to take them to downtown Lufkin and an antique shop! When in Lufkin, do as the Lufkinites do.

Rachel taking a picture of Mom's favorite neighbor
Cool mural on the side of a drugstore downtown 

Millie loved Aunt "Ray-ray." She actually called her Sharon for most of the trip- didn't figure it out until Sunday night, of course. She called Sharon Monka. Can't blame her- Sharon and my mom look a lot alike!

We said goodbye to the Utahns since they had to drive up to Dallas to catch their flight. Mom and I walked to Confections, a cute little bakery. We walked a lot further than we needed to- passed right by it and wandered unintentionally. Oh well, the cookies were so worth it!

She avoided saying goodbye and asked to go to "Hawtah" (Utah)

After one of the biggest meltdowns in Millie history, we said goodbye and headed home. The drive ended up taking double the normal amount of time, thanks to an accident (not ours, thankfully), construction, and then rush-hour traffic. No harm done though- we made it home in one piece. We were pretty darn happy to be reunited with Daddy!

She was out before we even got off their street
Also, for memory purposes, here are a few pictures of Mom and Dad's house!

The back, featuring the two porches- my favorite things about the house

Not sure why I stopped taking pics, but oh well. 

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Tiffany said...

so fun! And you look tiny, are you sure you are prego? :)