Sunday, November 10, 2013

Millie tidbits

-We are working on obedience in our house. I'm hearing the word NO a lot these days! So I taught her to say, "Okay Mommy!"I don't know why, but her little voice saying those two words melts us. Tyler tried to get her to say, "Okay Daddy!" but once she had Mommy on the end of that, it was hard for her brain to change it. So we'll work on that. We'll also work on actually doing the thing Mommy says, but at least we have her agreeing verbally.

-Millie's memory has always been great. On our last visit to Lufkin, we saw my mom and Sarah perform in "Women at the Well." They wore scarves around their heads as part of their costume, and I guess it stuck in Millie's mind. The other day (several days after coming home), Millie took the scarf that was around my neck, put it on her head, and said, "Monka, Sa, and me sing? Aaahhh!" It was hilarious. 

I know, it's blurry!
-Millie's eating habits are still an issue. In fact, it's even getting worse, as she's now refusing a lot of baby foods! She is learning what other foods are though, even though she won't like them. If I pull salsa out of the fridge, she'll say, "Mmm, salsa!" And when I offer her some, she says, "No no no no no." Same with cheese or pizza or tacos or rice- those are the ones she's picked up on so far. The other day she watched Daddy eat his taco salad with a lot of intensity, but would not dare touch it herself.

-She still loves music. We listen to a CD with some of her nursery songs in the car, so she is getting them down really well. She'll shout the title (or her version of it) within 2-3 notes of the intro- someday she'll be a pro at "Name That Tune." She also requests certain songs as we drive, so I've now memorized their track numbers to keep up. One day we heard the song Try by Pink on the radio, and Millie loved it! She asked me to play it again, which was a bummer because you can't control the radio. She loves the chorus. We sometimes play it for her and she dances and sings along. She also loves this version of the "cup song" and requests it by yelling, "CUPS!" Aunt Sarah sings this for her every time they see each other.

-I posted this on Instagram already, but oh well. Millie is aware there's a "baby in Mommy's tummy," but I don't think she's aware that every time Millie sits on my lap or leans on my belly, baby kicks her! It's hilarious to me. Baby also kicks at the waistband on my pants or on my arm if it's across my stomach. Baby is very territorial. I can't wait to see Millie as a big sister!

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