Sunday, November 24, 2013

Scenes from our Saturday

I come to the re-realization every few months or so that life is just busy. I always trick myself into thinking that after whatever holiday or whatever event is over, life will slow down. Not so! I'm not sure why I can't just remember that and expect it. What we're busy with evolves, but life is just plain busy. So when a day like yesterday comes along, I just want to bottle it up and keep it for a while.

Millie and Daddy sometimes go to Shipley's on Saturday mornings for a little daddy-daughter time. Millie loves her donut holes, Daddy loves his kolaches, and they sure love each other. They let me tag along yesterday- lucky me!

"Millie, are you excited?"

Grammy came for a surprise visit shortly after we got home. Millie danced for her, of course, and then we all went to Gigi and Poppy's house. They're remodeling the kitchen and Tyler hadn't seen the latest progress. That turned into a lunch outing at Jason's Deli! It was a fun, spontaneous morning with family. I love that we're close enough to family to have those.

While Millie napped in the afternoon, I put up our Christmas decorations. Normally I try to wait until after Thanksgiving, but we're going to Lufkin for most of this coming week, and it'll be nice to have that done already when we come back. I didn't put up the tree yet though. Millie noticed everything that was different right away, and pointed at and talked about every little detail! I love her excitement about everything. It makes the work of changing decor so worth it!

Hunting bears in Kodiak, AK while I decorated 

I've been itching to buy a big (read: bigger than 4 feet) Christmas tree, so after Millie got up, we did some shopping. We went to a lot of stores looking for the best deal and ended up ordering one online later that night, but it was so fun to wander down the aisles and watch Millie get so excited about all the Christmas stuff. It's going to be such a fun Christmas with her this year! Also, one of my favorite quotes from Tyler that evening: "A lot of times when I listen to you when I'm driving, I make the wrong decision." Backseat driver much, Cam? That made me laugh so hard I had to write it down. We grabbed some pizza on the way home and discovered that Millie can't say pizza. She will say pizzi or pazza, but never pizza. Kind of hilarious.

This is a really dumb picture, taken after a really cute moment between these two. Wish I weren't so slow
Also, it's cold here this weekend. 84 degrees on Thursday, 44 on Friday. We're getting whiplash! But, it makes me smile whenever I pull out these bad boys below. They were purchased my freshman year of college, and worn every winter since, obviously. Tiki do you still wear yours?? I almost got a pair at BYU, but I just couldn't find anything I liked as much. These holey, worn-through beauties will stick with me a while yet!

Topped the evening off with a bubble bath and watching "We Bought a Zoo" with Tyler. Not bad at all!

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Tiffany said...

yes of course i still wear mine al the time!!haha what a darling family you have!!!! SEriously!