Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween fun

I can't believe October is already halfway over!

I decided this year I want to have a coordinated family costume. I figure we can only require this for so long - next year I'm sure both kids will want to choose their own costumes! So we are going with Little Red Riding Hood. 

My mom made the hood and I made the skirt.

Max was a little more complicated. Enter Pinterest! And Hobby Lobby. Who knew they sell fur?? I was planning to use felt but the fur was just too good.

Plot twist: he HATES it.

Eyeing it from afar

Since then we do a little therapy every so often. We put on the costume, look in the mirror, talk about how cool it is, etc. I am determined!!

Last week for FHE we carved pumpkins! This tradition will be much more fun when the kids actually help. But we had fun. First time in our adult life to do this, not sure why we waited so long!!

(I would not touch that stuff if you paid me. Hence the gloves.)

Millie's pumpkin needed a crown!

Our pumpkin family

Guess we should have waited til we were a bit closer to Halloween. This humidity is crazy! Our pumpkins a week later:

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