Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Max at 18 months

This just might be my favorite age! At 18 (okay, almost 19) months, Max is so fun. He has so much personality and is learning so much every day. Here are some things about him right now:

- Max is a mama's boy for sure. He sometimes cries if I go into another room of the house without him. A little annoying sometimes, but a lot cute that he loves me. He cries for a minute when I drop him off for nursery, but calms down quickly. I was nervous he would be like Millie and scream through 6 months of nursery, but he has done so well. Hallelujah.

- He was my great eater but has rapidly declined to standard toddler pickiness. Sometimes he just won't eat very much or at all. Hopefully it is just a stage. He is pretty good at trying new things if I don't tell him to, but if I ask him if he wants something that's pretty much a guarantee he won't touch it! He loves apples and French fries and yogurt.

- He still takes a binky at night and at nap time. Not looking forward to taking that away, especially now that he knows how to ask for it!

- Max speaks very clearly but has a few adorably incorrect words: "wahco" for waffle, "ghost" for toast, "hose" for hold (hold me), "days" for drink, and "wosies" for ring around the rosie. A lot of words end in S for him - I am Mommies and Millie is "Mees." He also asks "Why?" every time I ask him to do something. I don't think he knows what it means, so it's pretty funny.

- He loves walking Millie to and from preschool, as long as he is holding my hand!

- Max loves to be outside, especially riding his bike. He doesn't pedal but sure loves Flinstone-ing it!

- He loves animals and cars and trains. He recently started crashing cars and making those sound effects I am convinced come pre-programmed into boys. He also loves books, so when we read a book about animals or cars it is the best thing ever for Max!

- At his 18 mo checkup he was pretty uncooperative and cried whenever the nurse or doctor tried to do anything. He is still pretty nervous about new things.

- Max is starting to be such a ham! He loves to dress up (on his own terms) and pretend to be different animals. He still tackles me if I lie down and he loves to snuggle.

We just really love this boy!!

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Samantha Van Noy said...

He is so cute!!! I love that age too!