Monday, October 5, 2015


Tyler has been out of town for over a week (not counting the 16 hours he was home last Sunday), so I've been tackling a few projects while he is gone. 

First up, re-caulking the shower. So gross.

Working on the Weston's Christmas blanket. I love the colors! I'm just over halfway done, which is pretty exciting.

Gretchen shared this book with me and I really really loved it! Read this if you haven't! Such a sad and sweet story. I was ugly crying at parts.

Millie's Halloween costume is done! My mom made the "cloak" as Millie calls it and I made a circle skirt to wear under. Next up is Max's big bad wolf costume!

One of my goals for this year was to get our 72-hr kits finally finished and up to date. I've known exactly what we needed for a long time but I've never just gotten it done. I ordered a bunch of stuff online and made a big mess in my room for a few nights getting it all organized. Cost be darned, it's finally finished! Millie prayed a couple times that we would have a big storm so we could use our "emergency kits." I am not praying for that, but I am relieved they are ready just in case.

I've been doing a little shopping and found this adorable dress at Old Navy that I think every person should own. It hits below the knee, it doesn't need any camisole underneath or sweater over, and it's super comfortable! Score!


Marissa Anderson said...

This blog post made me smile! Thanks for blogging bc I LOVE reading it!! Also i was super impressed by the shower project!

Samantha Van Noy said...

Cuuute dress! I love old navy so much. And I have that book! Just haven't read it yet.